Coming Soon, the NBC Nightly News delivered over the Internet

Boy, it seems like just a couple days ago I was talking about the possibility of broader deliver of television shows over the Internet. er.. Gosh, yes it was just a couple days ago.

Coming soon, Nightly News, free and online Next week, America's No. 1 newscast will stream worldwide after it airs (October 31, 2005, MSNBC.COM)

It is being presented at

Internet television?

I guess journalists like to find ways to spin the stories they write so there's a life and death struggle, two titans up there clashing against each other, one of them about to stomp the other one into the dust. And what better story than for a surprise newcomer to arise from nowhere and whack the head off the ruling king?

Converting TiVo recordings for the video iPod

Suppose you're a TV addict? I'm not, I haven't owned a TV for over 10 years. But I appreciate that a lot of you out there are TV addicts. It's for you that the video iPod exists, I suppose. But in the iTunes Music Store they offer only a small number of TV programs, so what if you want more?

TVHarmony has been offering software for a long time to improve the TiVo experience. Their software now supports converting recordings from a TiVo to the format required to view on the video iPod.

Apple and the switch to Intel based Mac's

Over the summer hell froze over, but we didn't notice it. First Apple announced they would switch to the Intel processor line for their future computers. Second they announced a mouse with multiple buttons. I swear, the world didn't collapse, though the seriousness of hurricane season this year may make one step back and ponder a bit.

Anyway ...

CarChip - explore the data recorded by your car

For years car makers have been putting computerized control systems in our cars. This gives more control over how the cars function, gives service shops more data with which to diagnose problems, etc. But it isn't readily accessible to the end user, hence isn't readably usable. Or, is it?

[amazon-item:B000B9DGY2|CarChip E/X OBD II Data Logger, USB Version]

The sub-$100 computer

This has been a point of discussion rumbling around the various geek news sources. The latest is a column by John Carroll wondering about this very same idea.

An answer to the $100 PC? (Posted by John Carroll, October 13, 2005, ZDNET)

Obviously one of the problems to building a $100 computer is the cost of the parts. How much do you strip it down in order to make the cost incredibly low? But my mind right now is more interesting in "why" would one want to do this?

Selling video content online

Will the movie and TV industry make the same mistake the music industry made? Will they stick their head in the sand and ignore the Internet as a possible distribution medium? Or will they embrace it?

Preview: The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener is a movie I've not seen, but I've heard of. It concerns a diplomat whose wife begins exploring some research done by some drug companies in Africa. His wife ends up being killed mysteriously, and he goes on a quest to continue his wife's research. The research leads to a big story, one of drug companies using untested drugs in Africa and quietly burying their failures.

The above article discusses the movie in more detail.

Supposed spookiness in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina

Okay, New Orleans has this voodoo reputation (such as shown in Angel Heart (Special Edition) or Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles). They can't escape that, it's been with them for far too long.

Review: The March of the Penguins

Last month my fiancee and I saw The March of the Penguins (March of the Penguins (Widescreen Edition)) and I was absolutely floored by many aspects of the movie. As an amateur photographer, I marveled at the beautiful imagry and the harsh conditions under which the photographers had to work.


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