This is like right out of "Raising Arizona"

You remember that 80's movie, [amazon-item:6305499128|Raising Arizona]? Nicholas Cage plays a recidivist (that is, repeat criminal) who falls in love with the woman who takes the pictures of prisoners. I guess he goes through the judicial system often enough that they're on speaking terms, and soon they get to more than speaking terms as she falls in love with him.

That leads to ... well ... first comes love, then comes ... you get the picture.

Anyway, what leads me to this isn't a rememberance of that silly movie .. but ... real life.

Extraterrestrial life and Drake's Equation

Obviously if E.T. exists, then "life" must exist on other planets. Several decades ago Astronomer Frank Drake assembled a group of other Astronomers to debate the possibility of life elsewhere, and they came up with an interesting equation. The equation a predictor of the number of intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.

N = R * fp * NE * fl * fi * fc * L

The terms are defined as follows:

Tolkein & the Lord of the Rings

Like you I've forgotten how many times I've read the Lord of the Rings. And if you didn't spend many hours of your younger life reading and rereading the Lord of the Rings, so much the loss for you, I say. I recently re-read the series and as an adult recognize it as a deep critique of modern society, the horrid consequences of the industrial age, the unrecognized value of the natural world, the tendency of those in power to destroy in the process of gaining more power, and more.

Review: The Tibetan way of Life, Death and Rebirth

For a long time I've been attracted to the Tibetan religious practices.

Trademark abuse

He Says He Owns the Word 'Stealth' (Actually, He Claims 'Chutzpah,' Too) (By COLIN MOYNIHAN, Published: July 4, 2005, NYTIMES.COM)

This is the story of a man who is making a living through enforcing trademarks he owns, including on the word 'Stealth'. So much so that he claims to own the word 'Stealth', and several other words.

Review: The City of Angels

City of AngelsWhat if Angels are around us all the time? What if Angels come to us in our toughest moments?

Television over telephone, yawn, so what?

Apparently some people think that telephone service cannot carry television service, so therefore it's a weird thing to consider the phone company becoming the TV company. How else do you explain this article:

Telcos, cable companies face off over TV franchises (Published: May 27, 2005, 1:34 PM PDT, By Marguerite Reardon, Staff Writer, CNET

City-wide WiFi can be tough to build

The Internet wants to be ubiquitous. The Internet wants to go everywhere we go as we go about our lives. There's a dream many share of being able to tap the seeminly infinite resources of the Internet wherever one goes. One manifestation of that dream is for cities to install a ubiquitous WiFi network throughout their borders.

Free tool for analyzing "deep linking" to a web site

Free Deep Link Analysis Tool

The methodology is to query with the Yahoo API for some values. They boil down to

  • Total links to site
  • Number of links to home page
  • Number of indexed pages on the site

From that they're able to tell how many of the total links to the site are "deep links", that is, links to the interior pages of the site.

Review: Snore Stopper

The Snore Stopper promises something wonderful. It promises to retrain a snorer to stop storing, and to do so without surgery, drugs, or prosthetics.


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