Review: "The Software Architect's Profession"

 An IntroductionA couple years ago in my job, the managers decided to make me the "architect".

Review: "The non-designers design book"

The Non-Designer's Design Book, Second EditionThis is a very cool book that takes a very friendly and helpful tone to introduce you to Design (with a capital 'D').

Monday morning stress

Since I made a post about 9AM on Monday morning being a frequent time to have heart attacks, I thought it would be good to double-check whether this is true.

Monday morning bad for your health (Thursday, February 3, 2005 Posted: 1735 GMT (0135 HKT) CNN.COM)

Why the pressurized work life?

The Little Book Of StressI wonder why work-life is so highly pressurized? What's the gain of driving people to sickness?

Here's a reason to not use Verizon for cell phones

The San Francisco Chronicle has an
interview with Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

The main purpose is so he can bash SF's plan to build a municipally owned WiFi network, thus harming the possibility of Verizon having customers for their own service. But along the way he decided to let loose with a few other zingers:

A clothes washer for a small place

Avanti Eco-Egg Mini Washing Machine - 1 eaI used to live in a tiny house, and desparately wanted a way to wash my clothes at home so I could avoid all those trips to the laundrymat (and the expense!!).

eBay, other online auctions, and the offline auction requirements

C|NET is reporting today on moves by U.S. states to apply regular auctioneering laws to companies who facilitate selling your stuff on eBay (or other online auctions). These companies act on consignment, where they take your items, put it on an ebay auction, handle all the fees and shipping, and send you the resulting money minus a little for their commission. This is a good service, though I've never tried to use it myself.

Microsoft's attempt to unseat Google's AdWords

Google has struck a home run with Adwords and Adsense, so much so that Adsense is now a cornerstone of many a business plan. It is certainly a cornerstone of MY business plan, and you can view examples of Adsense advertising on this very page. You can learn more about Adsense on my web site building and promotion site.

Windoze is still stupid

I 'inherited' a Sony Viao laptop computer from a coworker who left for greener pastures. At my job (Sun Microsystems) we use a lot of Windows machines. Yes, we really do, and don't be so surprised. That's partly because I work in the team that makes Java, and since we don't get any cooperation from Microsoft in having Java on Windows, we have to do it ourselves. So, in any case, I have this Windows laptop and I thought it would be a good opportunity to give Windows another shot. Especially since I'd been hearing good things about Windows XP (which is on the computer).

The life and death of "radio"

I suppose it's inevitable, since all things in this world are impermanent. Radio as we know it is likely to die relatively soon. Zillions of people are hooked up to their iPod's (and other MP3 players), digital radio is looming on the horizon, satellite radio is here now, etc. On the other hand I don't really care about any of it, since I don't listen to any of the mass market stuff anyway. National Public Radio is more to my liking, and I hardly ever listen to that service now.


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