Another one bites the dust

In Blogging and "information ownership" I discussed blogging and some challenges that arise when employees blog about their company. Several people have been "let go" from their jobs (fired, that is) over what they've written about their employers. Even when they do so outside company time, and on their own websites.


Made in lower-cost America (Published: February 8, 2005, 4:00 AM PST By Ed Frauenheim Staff Writer, CNET This isn't about the weak dollar making it attractive to produce goods in America. Instead this is about the cheaper cost of living in some parts of America, and how that can prove attractive for the outsourcing of tech projects. I mentioned this in passing a few days ago, but this is a worth-while topic to cover in depth.

Blogging and "information ownership"

People are starting Weblogs in growing numbers, but the owner of the content isn't always clear This is the headline of John Foley's Information Week column, Jan. 31, 2005. In the column he discusses the growth of blogging, and especially the issue of ownership.

"I'm the token white guy"

I work in the Silicon Valley tech industry. I've been here for nearly 15 years, writing software in a series of companies.

Even after all this time there's one thing which continually takes me by surprise. It's the cultural diversity we have here. The diversity isn't just with the people that work in the same building, or on the same campus, as I, but the partner teams we have in several different countries.

Palace 'ghost' caught on camera

Palace 'ghost' caught on camera

December 19, 2003; CNN.COM;

LONDON, England (AP) -- Are there ghostly goings-on at Henry VIII's palace, or is that hazy image of a fellow in fancy robes just a bit of Christmas cheer?


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