BSG S4.5E016: Deadlock

Returning to the traditional BSG opening from the abnormal opening in the last episode, we have a slower episode but still critical in finishing off the story. Obviously from last episode Ellen Tigh would return to the Fleet, and that the situation was set up for a strange confrontation between Caprica, Ellen and Saul. And sure enough that's what happened.

BSG S4.5E015: No Exit

No Exit is a departure from prior stories as signified by the different intro sequence. Instead of the rundown of the Cylons come in many models and they have a plan, this intro replays and re-frames, a bit, the Cylon war. The occasion? Samuel T. Anders remembers the truth, he remembers the role the Five played in creating the "skin jobs" and in causing the cease-fire in the Cylon war. Wow is this becoming a very interesting story.

BSG S4.5E014: Blood on the Scales

Finishing off the coup with a bang. The episode picks up where the previous one left off, seeing the aftermath of the grenade thrown at Adama and Tigh. They survived. Maybe the grenade was more bang than boom? In any case this put Adama and Tigh in custody, and lead to a hilarious-to-watch series of confrontations between Adama and Gaeta. Gaeta is of course intent to take back his ship and every step of the way he's forcing responsibility and scorn in Gaeta's direction.

BSG S4.5E012: The Oath

Okay, the kicks in the gut are back. The Oath takes up with the alliance between Mr. Gaeta and Vice President Zarek and continues this line of division among the fleet over the alliance of Humans with Renegade Cylons. Clearly people who have been told that a certain class of people, Islamics say, are the enemy will have a hard time accepting a change of plan to have close cooperation with those enemies.

Performance comparison between Dreamhost and A2 Hosting

I'm looking at my web hosting arrangements currently pondering whether or not to move my websites to new server arrangements. The main attribute I'm considering is the download speed of retrieving pages from the website. My Drupal websites are the test bed. I'd written an article some time ago about website usability and performance metrics going over known considerations. Essentially if a page takes too long to load, users will be turned off by the site and leave.

BSG S4.5E012: A Disquiet Follows My Soul

It's so good to have the hiatus over with and have BSG episodes to write about. On the other hand that means there are only 8 more episodes to go putting the end date sometime late March 2009. Anyway, where S4.5E011 was a kick in the gut this episode was calmer. Sort of.

BSG S4.5E011: Sometimes a Great Notion

During the hiatus between Seasons 4 and 4.5 several cast members were interviewed saying these last 10 episodes were a wild tough journey. Sometimes a Great Notion is the first of those episodes and if this is a harbinger of things to come, then, yeah, we're in for a tough ride. Hold on.

Simplified maintenance of contributed modules on a Drupal installation

One of the chores which comes with running a Drupal website is keeping the drupal install and contributed modules up to date. Prior to the Available Updates feature (itself a contributed module in Drupal 5 and core drupal in Drupal 6) this was a manual process. You'd occasionally browse the contributed modules list on and hopefully you remember all the installed modules. With the Available Updates feature the system notifies you when your modules are out of date, and it tells you which one. But you still need to do a few things.

Careful use of feedburners chiclet style feed subscribe buttons

For websites which publish RSS/Atom feeds it is helpful to make it easy for users to subscribe to those feeds. There are many feed tracking services and they all offer their own way of subscribing to feeds. The user experience of dealing with an RSS/Atom URL is a little unfriendly and perhaps is beyond the ken of many users.

Rewatching Battlestar Galactica, Season 2

Getting ready for the launch of BG Season 4.5 and am rewatching the prior seasons. I just finished watching season 2.

Some high points are --

It's a very hard hitting series, amazing.


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