Doctor Who: The Daleks (S01E02 - 1964)

It's fitting given the season finale which is upon us, to have watched the earliest of the Dalek appearances. This story was the second episode cluster of the first Doctor Who season way back in 1964, that's how long the Doctor and the Daleks have been fighting each other. In The Daleks the Doctor and companions accidentally land on this strange desert-like planet where the trees and flowers are made of stone and the lizards are made of metal. As their explorations lead them to meet the Thals and the Dals.

Doctor Who: Stolen Earth (S04E12)

Oh my, it appears that Russel T. Davies wants to go out with a big big big bang. The Stolen Earth is essentially the middle episode of a three part story, which began with Turn Left. In the previous episode we were left with an ominous warning from Ms. Bad Wolf that darkness was coming. Of course that Rose was able to get to the same universe as the Doctor meant something seriously bad was happening.

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The featuritis for this module is to scan page content and find the header tags (H1..H6). It uses the strings in the header tags to create listing of links to those headers. A.k.a. Table of Contents

Converted to Drupal 6

I've converted this site to Drupal 6 (precisely 6.2) and ohmygosh did this take a lot of work to do the conversion, but at the same time it's so worthwhile to do.

Doctor Who: Turn Left (S04E11)

Another tour de force of time travel stories on Doctor Who. This episode asks the question: How would your life be different if your decisions were different?

Clearly where we end up in life is directly determined by the decisions we make along the way. It's also determined by what goes on around us, the decisions everybody else makes, and for that matter the context we all live in on this planet in this star system in this galaxy etc. But, really, what path would life take if there were a different set of decisions?

Battlestar Galactica: Revelations (S04E10)

Woah. Ohmygosh. This episode is essentially a season finale since season 4 is being split into two parts. And wow what an ending, and it will give us plenty of time to think about many things before season 4.5 airs. The episodes events are so intricate and excellent story telling that I'm just going to go step by step and analyze each piece.

Doctor Who: Silence in the Library, and Forest of the Dead

Oooooo! This is why Doctor Who stories should be spread over multiple episodes. So many of the Doctor Who episodes since the revival have been one-episode wonders where the story was rushed .. and a rushed story is often one not told as well. Even some of the two-parters since the revival have been too rushed. In any case these two stories are very well paced, extremely interesting, and excellent feats of story telling. That they were written by Stephen Moffett, the next lead writer, portends good things for the future of Doctor Who.

Battlestar Galactica: Sine Qua Non (S04E08)

As I said a couple postings back, I don't watch TV, I don't own a TV, and never you mind how it is I'm able to watch Battlestar Galactica. BG is the other exception I'm making to "no TV" .. besides Doctor Who. Sine Qua Non is otherwise known as S04E08 .. It strikes me as the weakest episode of this season while at the same time this episode is a critical turning point in the story.

"I hope we're worth it"

I was recently watching episodes of Torchwood (second season), a spinoff TV series from the rebirthed Doctor Who series. There was an interesting thought in one episode ..

Liveblogging drupal 6 beta 3 installation

7:20 Unpacked distribution and moved files into webserver docroot

$ mv drupal-6.0-beta3/* .
$ mv drupal-6.0-beta3/.htaccess .

7:21 Set up database in the control panel

7:22 Connected with web browser to website. I'm taken directly to the Drupal install screen and can choose to install in English or other languages. To install in a different language requires downloading a language pack and unpacking it into the directory. This could be made smoother, I suppose.


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