Re: Google AdSense ad serving has been disabled to your site

Dear Google, this morning I found an email with the subject "Google AdSense ad serving has been disabled to your site". It said that a review of my account "found that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with our program policies". What a way to get my attention. Unfortunately you offer zero methods for me to respond to you leaving me very unsatisfied with you as an organization. It leaves me with one resort for making any reply, and that is this open letter to you, in the hope that you will see it.

Dramatic performance effect of enabling the Block Cache Alter module on Drupal 6 websites

I have my websites hosted on Dreamhost VPS's and the other day decided to consolidate some of my sites onto one server. Using the Munin monitoring I've installed (see Use Munin to monitor a Dreamhost MySQL VPS) I could see the CPU utilization on the server was very low - below 15% - indicating that the server had CPU capacity. But a different performance issue showed up after consolidating the sites on one server. Namely the memory allocation had to be increased to 3GB when that server previously ran well at 1.2GB of memory.

Tracking Variations in the Earth's Magnetic Field

Scientists have known for decades that the earth's magnetic field reverses from time to time, and that magnetic north fluctuates. Some wise guy (the Buddha) said once that everything changes all the time, and the only thing which doesn't change is the process of change. Anyway, the basic idea is that the magnetic field is not a static thing but varies and moves and changes.

The future of the RSS Remote Enclosure module for Drupal

I know that Drupal has minimal support out-of-the-box for podcasting (simply use file upload, upload a media file, and it becomes an Enclosure tag in the RSS feed) and that modules like File Field Podcaster are supposed to do excellent things for podcasting with Drupal. However for podcast's I've done, I've used the RSS Remote Enclosures module. Around a year ago, due to some patches I'd made to the module, the then-current maintainers handed me the reins of the module but I've done very little with it.

Save your server! Detect taxonomy term loops in Drupal 6!

I dunno exactly how I did this, but the taxonomy hierarchy on one of my sites had a taxonomy loop. That server has been having periodic load overload that kills performance and eventually I realized an issue is this taxonomy loop. In taxonomy.module the function taxonomy_get_parents_all can get tripped up if your taxonomy hierarchy has a loop. I'd found one looped term by hand, and just wrote a little script to detect others.

Review: Drupal 7 First Look

Drupal 7 is in the RC phase, so it's time to begin thinking about your upgrade from 6 to 7. (My condolences if you're having to think about a 5 to 7 upgrade) I wish to present to you my thoughts on a new book which will prove rather helpful in upgrading your thinking to the new hotness of Drupal 7.

Drupal 7 is as different from Drupal 6 as that one was from Drupal 5. Making the upgrade seems to involve not just the technical stuff of the upgrade process, but also understanding what's new and how things are different. This book will give you a very good grounding in that newness.

Measuring home heat loss through windows or pipes with a hand-held IR thermometer

Earlier I wondered - Do window insulation films reduce heat loss in winter? That post links to a bunch of videos talking about using plastic films or other layers of plastic to sorta mimic multi-pane windows. The best insulated windows are apparently ones with multiple layers (multi-pane), but if you're like me and have a landlord it's not possible to swap out your single-pane windows for better ones. Maybe adding a sheet of plastic will add a good enough air layer to create some insulation effect. Maybe.

Do window insulation films reduce heat loss in winter?

It's winter time and the noninsulated older house I live in is again cold. There's not a lot one can do with this old house, because the walls themselves seem to not be insulated (they're cold to the touch). But the windows are single pane and obviously a lot of heat is lost through them. Glass simply does not do much for insulation, though modern double or triple paned windows are much better. In my case this is a rented house, and it's simply not possible to install better windows. But something I can do without seeking landlord permission is to install window insulating film.

Is "lots" of followers a good idea? Or is the idea to have valuable conversations?

We’re looking to create social good via social media networking websites. There are plenty of competing ideas on the best way to operate a social media networking account to create the most impact.

Green Transportation Examiner - my main social media for social good project

For a year and a half I’ve been privileged with the role of Journalist, covering the greening of our transportation system. My main gig is on with the title Green Transportation Examiner. operates a “citizen journalist” organization with 10’s of thousands of people writing on whatever special topic floats their own boat, and I am one of them. I’m currently learning how to utilize social media networks in promoting the journalist work I’m doing with


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