New iPad Unboxing - review to follow

I watched some coverage of the new iPad last week, and it fit all the tick marks over which I wanted to upgrade. I own an iPad 1 and have been happy with it, but was interested in having a camera, better iMovie, and like what I saw of the iPhoto demo. Everything looked good. This being March 16 I am among those who received their new iPad today. To start this off is this unboxing post. I'll follow it with a review or two.

Dreamhost Sucks, Time to leave Dreamhost, looking for a VPS to host my Drupal sites

I've been hosting my Drupal sites on Dreamhost for quite awhile, but it's time to move on. They're a decent web hosting provider that offers a combination that suits me well, but if you peruse you see a lot of customers complaining bitterly about downtime and slow service. I'm one of those customers, but do not want to focus on this part of the story, and instead want to focus on seeking a proper useful home to house my websites.

Converting FLV to MP3 using ffmpeg and the Node.js commander package

I just read this blog post saying that while Node.js has the stereotype that it's not for heavy number crunching stuff like video conversion, you can do video conversion anyway.  (see  With the script in that blog post, converting an FLV to MP3 is as simple as this:
$ [sudo] npm install flv2mp3 -g


Node.js available for Windows via ChocolateyGallery

Because I freed myself of Windows a long time ago, I am completely ignorant of the state of the art in living with Windows without going insane.  I probably just offended the target audience, so I'll stop there.

Node.js w/o the JavaScript & V8? Node Native

When Ryan Dahl designed Node.js on top of V8 to use the JavaScript language it gave us both advantages and disadvantages. A project by Daniel Kang is looking to make a pure C++ version of Node with no JavaScript and no V8. According to an article on The Register, the project is called Node.js Native, but I don't see how it can be properly named "Node.js" if it doesn't include Javascript.  Shouldn't its name be "Node.c++" ??  Having visited the project page (see link below) we see the proper name of the project is "Node.native" not "Node.js Native".

Followup on removing of isolates from Node.js 0.7.3

A couple days ago I noted that a commit to the Node.js development tree had removed the isolates feature that had been expected for Node.js 0.8.x.  Over on the node-users mailing list Isaac Schleuter posted an explanation of "why".

Good bye isolates, Node.js hardly knew ye

A feature on the Node.js 0.8.x roadmap was isolates, which would allow for threads-like features without the complexity of threads.  That's because isolates have no shared state, while allowing for multiple independent code execution streams to run in parallel within the same process.

This morning a check-in to the Node development tree backed out the support for isolates.  The explanation is pasted in below.

Welding together website content without micro-templates; the Node.js weld module

What's a micro-template?  If you're like me you've used micro-templates without knowing what they were properly called.  I even developed a web page templating system for TCL back in 1997 that had an ingenious form of micro-templating, better than what we're stuck with today, and I didn't know that "micro-template" is the proper name for this sort of thing:

A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors - teensy electric helicopters flying autonomously

Researchers into autonomous vehicles are moving towards automated everything.  Here's an example of small quadroters (helicopter-like vehicles with four motors & blades) flying in formation and doing various tricks.  The word "nano" in their title tripped me up.  This is not nanotechnology in the sense of atomic scale machines.  It's "nano" in the sense that it's a lot smaller than a full size helicopter, or in the sense that the iPod Nano is a lot smaller than a regular iPod.


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