Ryan Dahl steps away from Node’s day-to-day tasks

Somehow I missed this last week at the NodeSummit, perhaps because I was there only the first day and not the second day.  Namely, that Ryan Dahl has stepped away from running the Node.js project.  But that sounds scarier than it really is, because what he announced is that Isaac Schlueter is now the gatekeeper, a job he had formerly performed.  This means Isaac will be making the day-day decisions of which patches go in (or not).  Ryan says that "After three years of working on Node, this frees me up to work on research projects" and that "Our energy will now be la

#NodeSummit: Mobile

Moderator - Todd P (Battery Ventures), Jason Delker (Sprint), Kiran Prasad (LinkedIn), Matt Ranny (Voxer)

Mobile changing a lot of the things around how we interact with computing - obviously. Sort of just client-server all over again. It's client-server but with really powerful clients, so you can do more on the client side.

#NodeSummit: Everything is a Node, the rise of M2M and Mobile

Vish Nandlall, Ericsson -- Ericsson creates fixed line communication in 1876..? Created mobile communication in 1990..? General point is that the telecom industry has moved from wireline, to wireless, and now the interconnected mesh of things and each shift has been a large expansion of the number of connections and the complexity of the whole system.

Shows a graph with hockey stick exponential growth. "Things" soon would be 50 billion.

#nodesummit: node.js and, consuming http at scale is a project by eBay announced at the end of November 2011. On github. API billionaires club, list of large web properties whose API Endpoints see over a billion requests per month.

A DSL for HTTP, a http gateway written on node.js. Make http API easy and fast to consume.

A few years ago when the major properties began doing API, the clients made few API calls per UI paint. Today it's common to have multiple applications on a page or otherwise call to multiple API.

Parallelizing, sequencing, joining, normalizing

#NodeSummit: API's and Endpoints at Scale

Panel, moderator Theo Schlossnagle (OmniTI), Subbu Allamaraju (eBay), Chito Manansale (Sabre), Tim Millron (Twillio)

Advantages of using a platform like Node?

Event based I/O led to fewer mistakes than other platforms like Java.

Large enterprises can have lots of legacy systems. Sabre, over 40 years old, still has green screen mainframes. Always at the mercy of back end systems but the event model makes that easier to handle.

#NodeSummit: Node.js and Windows Azure

They set up a Mac laptop to do demos of Node.js on Windows Azure. Hum. Curious. Anyway, Scott Guthrie at Microsoft.

Hosting platform? Global data center footprint, in San Antonio, Chicago, Dublin Ireland.

An SDK provided by Microsoft originally on Windows, but now on Mac.

Developing code is .. download the SDK, write some code, then a command line tool to deploy to their cloud. It can run within the Cloud9 IDE as well.

Microsoft node.js windows azure

#NodeSummit: Large Scale Web

Moderator, Cade Metz of Wired, panel with Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz (Yahoo), Ilya Grigorik (Google), Sean Hess (i.TV), Mark Mayo (Mozilla).

Mark Mayo had been at Joyent when Node.js was being bootstrapped into existence. Joyent had been building their own PAAS service based on JavaScript on the server, but a different peculiar platform, and saw Node.js as a big improvement. Large parts of Joyents stack use Node.js today.

#NodeSummit: Enterprises and the Cloud

Steve Herrod - CTO of VMWare. VMWare is an enterprise focused company, who likes to focus on disruptive companies. They've of course been supplying virtualization tools for ages and ages. Originally this let enterprises make better server utilization. The cloud makes this a bit different.

#NodeSummit: Walmart, Save Money, Use Node.js

This panel is Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith of Walmart, and James Watters as the moderator from Cloud Foundry. Dion and Ben are of course the people who had been with Palm implementing a Node stack (WebOS) for mobile devices.


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