#NodeSummit: Machine to Machine

Panel Discussion, moderated by Eric Braun (Joyent), Chris Allen (Brass Monkey), Baz Khuti, and John McKinley (News Corp).

Machine to machine panel

#NodeSummit: Data Center Infrastructure Management

Emerson is an electrical system company with over a hundred years of experience making electrical power management experience. Speaker is Baz Khuti

#NodeSummit: The Internet of Things

Speaker is Steve Pawlowski, of Intel.

The way Industry has used relational databases to store data has to change with the new kinds of devices. Leveraging the information that's available can give significant benefit to the whole industry. The issue is very broad ranging. A lot of unstructured data such as sensors that are out in the environment.

The unprocessed data is growing at a phenomenal rate.

More pix from nodesummit

The setting is a conference center on the UCSF campus at Mission Bay. I've previously come to this conference center for GigaOM conferences.

U.S. Judge rules that laptop owners can be forced to decrypt their laptops, privacy invasion?

A Federal Judge in Colorado has ruled that a Peyton Colorado woman must decrypt her laptop or face consequences including "contempt of court".

Break time at node summit

Node.js Summit: Platform as a Service

"Platform as a Service" is one of the buzz words in Cloud Computing. Node.js has a role in cloud computing. Panel session with James Urquhart of enStratus, Derek Colison of VMware, Scott Guthrie of Microsoft, Charlie RObbins of Nodejitsu, and Oren Teich of Heroku.

PAAS is about abstracting away the web serving platform. Automatically configuring a pile of servers with a common computing environment for each server. It is a step similar to the difference between coding software in assembly language versus a high level language.

Node.js as a player in PAAS.


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