Does Node.js need to be governed by an independent foundation? Or are we safe with Joyents overlordship?

The Vert.x project, a Java based event-oriented system inspired by Node.js, has run into a spot of legal trouble that should serve as a reminder to open source developers who work for companies.  Tim Fox, the developer of Vert.x, had worked for VMware until December 2012 and joined Redhat.  He had assumed that he'd be able to continue working on Vert.x after transitioning from one company to another, but instead was hand-delivered a letter from VMware's lawyers demanding that he hand over the keys to the Vert.x project.

A simple method for using shared webhosting like Dreamhost to store git repositories

I wanted to set up some personal git repositories and don't want to pay the fee to or another service to host the repository.  Fortunately it's possible to set up a repository behind any SSH account, such as on my web hosting account.  I've just gone through setting up a git repository on my Dreamhost account, and it is pretty straight-forward, but the steps are different from what's shown at the GIT book on

Streams2 coming in Node.js v0.10.x breaking compatibility for some programs

I didn't know that Node.js streams were suboptimal but it seems the Node core team thinks so.  Over on the Node.js blog, Isaac Schleuter just announced that for the upcoming v0.10.x phase of Node, the Stream module will be replaced by Streams2, with much better API's though with a small bit of incompatibility.  Most of the existing Stream methods will work, but there is one bit of incompatibility - previously a program did not have to call the resume method for data events to begin occurring.  With Streams2 these programs must call resume first.

Gaining twitter sanity by pruning accounts you follow with TwitCleaner

Have you followed the "follow everyone you can" tactic for gaining followers on Twitter?  Was your result to end up drowning in a sea of tweets, and you never INTERACT on Twitter because of the flood of tweets?  That's what I did, a few years ago I was happily sitting on Twitter all day long, interacting with people, and building relationships.  But then I read some advice saying to follow a lot of people because they'll follow you back, and that to have a big impact you have to have a lot of followers.

The tweet composer widget that will blow your mind

Ever find yourself reading a cool article, you want to share it, but you can't think up the perfect tweet?  Theoretically it's best to compose an interesting tweet, rather than just tweeting the article title.  But are you inventive enough to compose the tweet?

The SavePublishing bookmarklet could be your savior.

Review of the ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ case and keyboard for iPad2-4

Apple uses their design prowess to make their iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) sleek and beautiful. But that beauty hasn't made the devices safe from being damaged through normal use. It's quite easy to crack the glass on the screen, for example. It's important to put your iOS device in a case. With the right iPad case it's not only protected, but effectively becomes a laptop. I just bought a ZAGGkeys PROfolio+ case and bluetooth keyboard that will completely changed how I use my iPad3.

Tutorial: RabbitMQ + Node.js on AppFog - AppFog Blog

I got the ball rolling with a Redis/Sinatra tutorial, and now I want to show you how to get started with RabbitMQ in a basic Node.js app. I picked Node for this app because I've been pretty heavily embedded in Node-world recently, but I would ...

Develop a RESTful API Using Node.js With Express and Mongoose

To program a data-driven asynchronous application using a language I already know, JavaScript, the best way to learn is to write some code. So, I researched a few example applications using Node.js with a MongoDB ...

Adding Node.js sensors to the AR.Drone - DIY Drones

If you're thinking of competing in this weekend's Drone Olympics in San Francisco, this tutorial will come in handy. Or even better, replace the AR.Drone's cl...

Backbone.js Tutorial: Build Environment

This new Backbone.js tutorial series will walk you through building a single page web application that has a customised Backbone.sync implementation. I started building the application that these tutorials are based on back in August, and it's been running smoothly for a few months now so I thought it was safe enough to unleash it.


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