On implementing a memcached clone in Node.js

Have a hankering to implement one of the standard daemons, like memcached, in Node.js?  Here's an example of implementing memcached with Node.js available on github at  See this discussion thread for more:-!topic/nodejs/gqZZmMf3W5M

One suggestion from the discussion thread is to add --nouse-idle-notification to the invocation.

Joyent Relaunches Node.js Service, Announces Cloud Analytics

Cloud hosting provider Joyent re-launched its Node.js hosting service this week. Joyent, the sponsor company of Node.js, is now offering versions 0.4.0 and 0.4.1 to users. It also announced Cloud Analytics, a new service for finding problems with Node.js applications.

GObject Introspection and Node.js

Examples of using Node.js code to work with GNOME Objects and GNOME user interfaces.


Shows how to use clean-css, a Node package that is a nice and very simple utility for minifying and concatenating CSS files.

Like Unix Expect: Automate Command Line Programs in Node.js with Suppose

Goes over the 'suppose' module for Node.js which implements functionality similar to the venerable 'expect' command. Expect is widely used for software testing, and for automating command line tools which aren't terribly compatible with shell scripts.

How to connect a Google+ Page with a Blogger blog to extend your blogs branding into Google+

The "Google Plusification" of all of Google is proceeding slowly, and it seems likely that eventually Google+ will be a part of every Google property.  Google Blogger just added a new Google+ integration that's interesting, that gives you an option to associate a Google+ Page with your blog rather than associating it with your personal Google+ Profile.  You'd want to do this to help with better branding of your blog, and to separate your personal Google+ activities from the activities associated with your blog.

On depositing a paper check, using an iPhone, to a virtual bank, over the Internet

We're entering a brave new world, and I just experienced a piece of that world.  It's this high tech nirvana thing that will supposedly be all wonderful and gooey.  For over 10 years I've been using a "virtual bank" as my primary bank, specifically ING Direct.  They offer excellent services and a high interest rate on all accounts.  One aspect of this bank is it has no branches, and does not own a network of ATM's.  That's more or less okay except for those times when someone does something as quaint as handing me a paper check.  Haven't they heard of paypal?

Penelope Trunk: Publishers’ revenue model “assumes authors are going to flake”

Popular blogger and Brazen Careerist founder Penelope Trunk has a new book, “The New American Dream,” and she’s gotten a lot of attention because of a post that she wrote about that book last week. This attention, she said, surprises her.

Learning from this week’s crash course in citizen journalism

As newspapers and other traditional media outlets continue to lay off reporters and even shut down their printing presses, one of the big questions has been what will fill the gap that is left — where will the journalism come from?

Could Kickstarter be used to crowdfund journalism?

Curious idea - use of crowdfunding systems like Kickstarter to raise funds enabling journalists to cover stories. I suppose the result would be people paying for stories they'd like to be covered.


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