Implementing MySQL style AUTOINCREMENT in SQLite3

Yesterday I wrote about implementing the MySQL enum datatype in SQLite3, and while that exploration turned out to be pretty simple someone tweeted a followup talking about how I needed to cover the AUTOINCREMENT feature as well.  Studying my code I realized that indeed it would be necessary.  Fortunately this came out to be very simple, much simpler than was implementing the enum datatype.

phpMyBackupPro: No simpler backup for MySQL

phpMyBackupPro is a utility which supposedly makes it easier to backup a MySQL database. The featureset includes

Using an SSH tunnel, or Putty, to securely access a remote MySQL server

The MySQL clients allow you to access a remote MySQL server pretty easily. You just specify the host name on the command line. But what if you want the data encrypted, for security? Or the data compressed, to improve data transfer speed? Or, more importantly, you want the MySQL server to be "locked down" limiting the range of systems that can access the MySQL server? Enabling the simple access to a remote MySQL server means configuring it to listen for connections from the entire world. Doing so is an obvious security risk.