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Asynchronous Node.js/JavaScript programming with Generators and async/await

The advent of async/await for Node.js - Node.js v7 has now arrived: The long-awaited day has arrived when we can begin to use async/await in JavaScript without jumping through crazy hoops. In Node.js v7 we just run our code with a command-line option, and voila we can use async functions.

Node.js adoption -- why use Node.js

How do you choose between Node.js or other web application technologies? There's lots of web application development platforms out there now, why do you use Node.js. The wrong answer is "because it's cool".

Node.js programming tips

Safely detect if a Node.js module is installed before using require() to load it: Normally you just use "require" to load a module. Sometimes you need to first check the module is available, to avoid an error if it isn't, or to print a useful error.

Node.js scalability - handling the load

Is Node.js / Express scalable? How to grow Node.js app deployment to handle more traffic? Because Node.js is a single-threaded platform you might think most of the cores of your server will be sitting idle. Under the covers the Node.js implementation does use multiple threads, even though we only see one thread in our Node.js code. Instead it's pretty easy to set up multiple worker processes using any of several packages for that purpose.

npm is Node's primary package manager, learn to use it well

Deprecating buggy npm packages, dealing with deprecations: Node.js package authors sometimes need to warn their users against using a specific release of the package. Typically there's a horrible bug that was fixed in a later release, and the users need to know to upgrade. With npm it's an easy command to mark a package version range as deprecated, causing warnings to print, etc. writers can save their work using this screen-scraper script written for the purpose

I've been writing for for over 7 years, and with the news that they're going to shut down I needed to retrieve over 540 articles to repost them on my own website. Lesson learned - it's better to own your own platform than to write for someone elses platform. Anyway, the result is a Node.js script I'm calling articlescraper. The purpose is to traverse an index page that might be split over multiple pages, then extract the articles from the pages linked from the index.

Node.js application development for Web apps and beyond

Node.js is a cool new programming platform that free's JavaScript from the browser.

NodeFly goal: better app performance monitoring for Node.js

The use of Node.js to build web applications is growing like gangbusters, so it's time it had a big-boy application performance monitoring tool. And that's what NodeFly Systems says it's bringing to the table. Node. js is a server-side, event-driven programming language popular among developers - especially JavaScript developers because it lets them use their existing skills to write server as well as client code.

Express - Sinatra inspired web development framework for node.js -- insanely fast, flexible, and sexy

Insanely fast (and small) server-side JavaScript web development framework built on node and Connect.

 var app = express.createServer();
app.get('/', function(req, res){
res.send('Hello World');