Node.js Database

CSV processing

Easily import your CSV into MySQL with Node.js: While we normally process CSV's in a spreadsheet, sometimes it's useful to load them into a database.

Memory-efficient CSV transformation in Node.js: And... it's sometimes useful to transform CSV's in a simple script.

Easily import your CSV data into MySQL with Node.js

It's convenient to import a CSV file into a spreadsheet to crunch numbers. CSV's (comma-seperated-values) and it's brethren (TSV, for tab-separated, etc) are widely used to deliver information. You'll see CSV downloads available all over the place, whether it's your stock broker or bank, or a government agency, and on and on. Spreadsheet programs like LibreOffice Calc offer direct import of these files, and then as a spreadsheet you've got a zillion tools available to crunch numbers, make graphs, etc.