Node.js w/o the JavaScript & V8? Node Native

When Ryan Dahl designed Node.js on top of V8 to use the JavaScript language it gave us both advantages and disadvantages. A project by Daniel Kang is looking to make a pure C++ version of Node with no JavaScript and no V8. According to an article on The Register, the project is called Node.js Native, but I don't see how it can be properly named "Node.js" if it doesn't include Javascript.  Shouldn't its name be "Node.c++" ??  Having visited the project page (see link below) we see the proper name of the project is "Node.native" not "Node.js Native".

Blazing fast node.js: 10 performance tips from LinkedIn Mobile

An engineer with LinkedIn has published 10 tips for fast mobile application performance using Node.js on the server.

1. Avoid synchronous code

Node.js was designed to favor asynchronous code.  Go with the callback, Luke.  If you want to tame your asynchronous code (callbacks can become rather circuitous) use modules like async.

2. Turn off socket pooling


3. Don't use Node.js for static assets

The potential for performance wins by baking modules into memory in Node.js

In a presentation at Yahoo's front-end engineer's conference earlier this year, Dav Glass demonstrated a performance gain by building a custom Node binary that bakes his own modules into memory in the same way Node bakes in the core classes.  I already discussed one aspect of his presentation, whether its valuable for front-end engineers using Node to have access to the toolkits familiar to them from their client side work.