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Some ISP's are discriminating against 3rd party network services

Earlier I wrote about plans by BellSouth and other ISP's to discriminatorially throttle 3rd party Internet traffic. The BellSouth CEO was quoted saying, essientially, those other companies (such as Google) need to pay to use their lines. And that if those 3rd parties did not pay up, they'd throttle however much of their lines those 3rd parties can use.

Review: The War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is one of those stories that has stuck around since it was first told. It was originally released as a Science Fiction novel, later done as a Radio Theater program and even later as movies. It spawned several movies with the same theme but somewhat different plotlines.

Review: The March of the Penguins

Last month my fiancee and I saw The March of the Penguins (March of the Penguins (Widescreen Edition)) and I was absolutely floored by many aspects of the movie. As an amateur photographer, I marveled at the beautiful imagry and the harsh conditions under which the photographers had to work.

An interesting way to 'premier' a movie - bypass the distribution chain, and go to the people

For over a century the movie industry has been controlled by the distribution chain. You can make a movie, but if you can't get it distributed you'd have wasted your money. Michael Moore almost experienced this very publicly in 2004 with Fahrenheit 9/11 when the studio refused to distribute the movie. Fortunately someone with deep pockets bought out the distribution rights, and the movie got seen.

=== S T A R W A R S ===

Okay, this is written for those many who have May 19, 2005 circled on their calendar. Who are scheduling the rest of their lives around this event. What event? Why, the presentation of the "final" episode of Star Wars, a movie event that has been unfolding over the last almost 20 years. The rest of you, go read the New York Times or something.

My fiancee and I have been preparing in the best of geek ways. We're watching all the movies and going over fine plot details.