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Some ISP's are discriminating against 3rd party network services

Earlier I wrote about plans by BellSouth and other ISP's to discriminatorially throttle 3rd party Internet traffic. The BellSouth CEO was quoted saying, essientially, those other companies (such as Google) need to pay to use their lines. And that if those 3rd parties did not pay up, they'd throttle however much of their lines those 3rd parties can use.

Finally, an LED driven projector

For a few years I've been looking at video projectors. These projectors get used two ways, one is for presentations and they're usually connected to a laptop computer, the other is for DVD's and other video source, and they're connected to a DVD player, VHS player, TV tuner, or the equivalent. The design is generally the same, an old style extremely bright (and expensive) lightbulb shining through an LCD panel, the light focused through a lens, aimed at a projection screen.