Silicon Valley

Some ISP's are discriminating against 3rd party network services

Earlier I wrote about plans by BellSouth and other ISP's to discriminatorially throttle 3rd party Internet traffic. The BellSouth CEO was quoted saying, essientially, those other companies (such as Google) need to pay to use their lines. And that if those 3rd parties did not pay up, they'd throttle however much of their lines those 3rd parties can use.

Aren't Google and Microsoft supposed to be fighting??

This weekend Mountain View is having its annual arts and wine festival. Castro street is chock full of booths all the way from Central to El Camino, food vendors at every intersection, wine and beer vendors all over, and arts and crafts booths as far as the eye can see. Oh, and new this year, the Dianetics looneys are giving free stress tests.

The passing of Kepler's Books, Menlo Park, CA

In todays San Jose Mercury News I saw a very sad item. It announced the closing of a very good, fabulous even, local bookstore in Menlo Park. I've been happily shopping there since I first moved here to Silicon Valley, and I'm very saddened about the closing of the store. I'm very surprised as every time I visited they were very busy.

Something in the article stood out, though. One of the people quoted, a former employee if I remember right, claimed that amazon ( that is) killed them.

Review: Soul & Silicon

 Spirits in a High-Tech WorldAs I've said, I have lived in Silicon Valley for over 15 years, the whole time partaking with the peculiar life of the technology industry centered here.

Where's the growth happening? Not in Silicon Valley.

Sun Microsystems to double Indian R&D staff (Published: May 6, 2005, 1:06 PM PDT)

I have lived in Silicon Valley for 15 years now. I work for Sun Microsystems. Half of the team I work in is located in Bangalore. I have been to Sun's Bangalore office. My first thought on reading the article was "We'll have to move them to a different building, maybe".

There's this other aspect to the story.

C|NET: Shorter hours in software

As a Silicon Valley Software Engineer I've seen my share of burnout cases, and had my own as well, due to the typical long work hours. What's typical for these long work hours? 60-70 hours per week, and in some cases you'll be spending all your waking hours at the office.

In Silicon Valley, help not wanted

In Silicon Valley there is a curious event happening, there's lots of investment, but still the area is losing technology jobs. Why?

C|NET has an interview with Stephen Levy, director of the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy about this strange trend in Silicon Valley. Many of the things he has to say, I find myself in agreement with from my vantage point of being here on the ground working in the tech industry.


Made in lower-cost America (Published: February 8, 2005, 4:00 AM PST By Ed Frauenheim Staff Writer, CNET This isn't about the weak dollar making it attractive to produce goods in America. Instead this is about the cheaper cost of living in some parts of America, and how that can prove attractive for the outsourcing of tech projects. I mentioned this in passing a few days ago, but this is a worth-while topic to cover in depth.

"I'm the token white guy"

I work in the Silicon Valley tech industry. I've been here for nearly 15 years, writing software in a series of companies.

Even after all this time there's one thing which continually takes me by surprise. It's the cultural diversity we have here. The diversity isn't just with the people that work in the same building, or on the same campus, as I, but the partner teams we have in several different countries.