The potential for performance wins by baking modules into memory in Node.js

In a presentation at Yahoo's front-end engineer's conference earlier this year, Dav Glass demonstrated a performance gain by building a custom Node binary that bakes his own modules into memory in the same way Node bakes in the core classes.  I already discussed one aspect of his presentation, whether its valuable for front-end engineers using Node to have access to the toolkits familiar to them from their client side work.

Do front-end engineers using Node.js win if they can use familiar frameworks even on the server?

Node (a.k.a. Node.js), because it's an excellent server side javascript platform, makes it possible for "front end engineers" who normally code javascript in web pages, to now do stuff on the server side.  Dav Glass, a YUI engineer, gave a presentation at Yahoo's F2E (Front End Engineers) conference about using YUI3 on Node to make Node into a convenient familiar environment for front end engineers.