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Delivered by FeedBurner writers can save their work using this screen-scraper script written for the purpose

I've been writing for for over 7 years, and with the news that they're going to shut down I needed to retrieve over 540 articles to repost them on my own website. Lesson learned - it's better to own your own platform than to write for someone elses platform. Anyway, the result is a Node.js script I'm calling articlescraper. The purpose is to traverse an index page that might be split over multiple pages, then extract the articles from the pages linked from the index.

Progress on jQuery-style templates for AkashaCMS (Mahabhuta)

Since last weekend I've been working on Mahabhuta, the new element-oriented template system using jQuery's API, in AkashaCMS. The goal was to verify that it's useful by attempting to implement some important things with it. I'm happy to say that Mahabhuta is living up to what I hoped. I've been able to reduce complexity in AkashaCMS and the path is clear to perhaps removing the Kernel template engine, because the functionality I sought with Kernel is now available via Mahabhuta.

Major change in AkashaCMS - new model for rendering content, and jQuery as a template engine

I'm about to release an AkashaCMS v0.3.x update that represents a major rewrite of the rendering system, and the addition of support to use the jQuery API on the server side to manipulate rendered pages. Both of the changes are major, and take AkashaCMS to a new level of flexibility. First, Website authors will be able to use any combination of template engine on each page, giving better flexibility over page formatting.

Viewer.js, a powerful pure-JavaScript document viewer to simplify your visitors document experience

I hate the typical user experience around viewing and distributing PDF files (or other document formats). Usually we're forced to download the file to our local computer, then view it using a separate viewer. It litters the Downloads directory with old files we've downloaded, and it's somewhat jarring to find yourself suddenly having to navigate to a separate viewer application. Further, an external viewer probably doesn't work well on a mobile device where the operating paradigm is quite different from desktop computers.

Static HTML website builders (AkashaCMS, etc) slashes web hosting costs to the bone

Today's web is supposedly about fancy software on both server and client, building amazingly flexible applications merging content and functionality from anywhere.  What, then, is the role of old-school HTML websites?  In particular, why am I wasting my time building AkashaCMS and not building websites with Drupal?

AkashaCMS v0.3.0 released - major rearchitecting, plugins, improvements, much more planned for v0.4.x

I'm pleased to announce that AkashaCMS has reached version 0.3.0.  This version has been over a year in development and isn't quite what I'd intended, but it is a result of the actual needs during the past year.  The primary change was to architect AkashaCMS to support plugins, a move which allowed the creation of several useful plugins.

Preparing AkashaCMS for 0.3.x, adding plugin support

Crunching HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Node.js with the minify module

I've just added HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification to AkashaCMS, to minimize the size of static website files rendered by AkashaCMS.  This will reduce page load times by decreasing the number of bytes required to be downloaded.

Pondering rev. 2 of my book, Node Web Development -- thoughts?

I wrote one of the first books about Node.js, published through Packt Publishing last year. Because of the timeframe it was compatible with Node.js 0.4.x. The Node.js community has moved on since then and the team is getting ready to supersede 0.8.x with 0.10.x (is that the right version# for the next release)? Fortunately most of the examples in Node Web Development are still valid but a couple are outright invalid, and some should be rewritten.

I'm starting discussions with the publisher about revision 2 of Node Web Development.

NodeFly goal: better app performance monitoring for Node.js

The use of Node.js to build web applications is growing like gangbusters, so it's time it had a big-boy application performance monitoring tool. And that's what NodeFly Systems says it's bringing to the table. Node. js is a server-side, event-driven programming language popular among developers - especially JavaScript developers because it lets them use their existing skills to write server as well as client code.