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Node.js is a big win at PayPal

In my book Node Web Development (see sidebar), I spent the first chapter trying to sell the reader on using JavaScript on the server.  That's because the typical server side languages do not include JavaScript, meaning everyone has to be scratching their head and wondering why they should use JS on the server.  I suggested that, theoretically, one big win will come because the front end coding and back end coding will both be in the same language, JavaScript, which will make it possible for front engineers to talk with server engineers in the same language.  Or perhaps even be the same pers

Preparing AkashaCMS for 0.3.x, adding plugin support

Node Web Development 2nd edition has been released!!

Uploading/mirroring files to remote server in Node.js without using rsync

How do you upload files to a server to deploy application or website code?  FTP?  rsync?  While it's easy enough to call a command line tool like rsync from a Node.js script, what if you're using a Windows computer that doesn't have those command line tools.  When I use Windows it's like stepping back into the dark ages where directory listings looked like we were making fire by rubbing sticks together.  Okay, there does appear to be an rsync for Windows but I had no confidence in it.  Also, I did not want to have a dependency on something like Cygwin.

Node v0.8.17 released - fixes security vulnerability - we're urged to upgrade ASAP

Isaac Schlueter just posted this warning .. 
    This release addresses a potential security vulnerability.

    If you do not use TypedArrays, then you're fine (but should still
    upgrade for other reasons, like better performance and npm

    If you use TypedArrays, you should upgrade to v0.8.17 as soon as
    possible. If user input can affect the size parameter in a
    TypedArray, an integer overflow vulnerability could allow an attacker
    to write to areas of memory outside the intended buffer. Please
    upgrade ASAP.

Implementing rsync or sftp in Node.js to synchronize files?

How do you accomplish synchronizing a directory tree of files to a server?  For example AkashaCMS, my newly developed tool for building static websites, it builds a directory structure containing all the files for the website.  The question I've been pondering for awhile is, what's the best way to get those files over to the web server?  I've been using scp -r, and have also played with using rsync, and just integrated rsync into the AkashaCMS scripts.

Crunching HTML, CSS and JavaScript in Node.js with the minify module

I've just added HTML/CSS/JavaScript minification to AkashaCMS, to minimize the size of static website files rendered by AkashaCMS.  This will reduce page load times by decreasing the number of bytes required to be downloaded.

Pondering rev. 2 of my book, Node Web Development -- thoughts?

I wrote one of the first books about Node.js, published through Packt Publishing last year. Because of the timeframe it was compatible with Node.js 0.4.x. The Node.js community has moved on since then and the team is getting ready to supersede 0.8.x with 0.10.x (is that the right version# for the next release)? Fortunately most of the examples in Node Web Development are still valid but a couple are outright invalid, and some should be rewritten.

I'm starting discussions with the publisher about revision 2 of Node Web Development.

NodeFly goal: better app performance monitoring for Node.js

The use of Node.js to build web applications is growing like gangbusters, so it's time it had a big-boy application performance monitoring tool. And that's what NodeFly Systems says it's bringing to the table. Node. js is a server-side, event-driven programming language popular among developers - especially JavaScript developers because it lets them use their existing skills to write server as well as client code.

Node Cookbook is great for deeper understanding of Node.js programming

Have you heard that Node.js is an