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Potential for integrating Node.js with Drupal and speed up Drupal page processing

Besides some experience with Node.js enough to write the book linked in the side bar, I've also spent a lot of time building and configuring Drupal websites.  I've been pondering the possibilities for marrying Node with Drupal and have also seen a few projects spring up with that purpose.  However the core issue is that Drupal page processing is not an asynchronous process like Node's query handling, instead Drupal implements the typical synchronous start at the beginning and go to the end step by step model.

Looking forward to next weeks Node Summit?

The Node Summit is being held next week, Jan 24-25, and I managed to sign up. I'll try to take notes from and blog about every session.

To see what's planned go to -

Node 0.6.x and the code in Node Web Development

Node 0.6.x came out a month or so ago, and befitting a software platform with a 0.x version number it came along with a slew of API changes.  The API changes are positive and great, and I'm sure there will be a few misfortunate people on Windows who will appreciate that Node is now running native on that operating system.  In any case on a more direct level to me was the worry of whether the API changes would break the code in my book, Node Web Development (see link in the sidebar).

Is Node.js a cancer? No!! It's quite nice, really

A recent blog post (see link below) by Ted Dziuba claims that Node.js "is a cancer" and fills out a few hundred words of inflammatory laden "proof" to make his point. The post makes a few good points but is largely off base. Perhaps the most sticking point is that CPU intensive tasks make Node servers become unresponsive, but I have a clever answer for him.

Deploying a Node.js application in place of a "real" webserver

Node.js is an exciting new software stack for developing web applications, or a server implementation for any other sort of network protocol. Perhaps most will see its primary use in deploying web applications accessed like any other web applications such as the traditional LAMP/PHP approach. The obvious question then is what's the best way to deploy a Node.js web application. Indeed, this very question was asked today over on

Node.js and Bell's Law of computer classes

Joyent webinar on Node.js and "Carriers" (?phone companies?)

Recently the primary supporter of Node.js, Joyent, posted a video webinar about "Node.js overview for Carriers". Eric Burns talked about a broad range of services offered by Joyent, features of Node.js, spinning it all around the needs of mobile device carriers. That is, the phone companies who provide mobile device services and run the cell phone networks, not those individuals who carry around mobile devices.

Could Node.x unseat Node.js? Event driven asynchronous server side platform duel in the making?

Java, Twitter, and asynchronous event driven architecture

Twitter famously launched using the then-popular Ruby on Rails web framework. Since then they suffered scalability problems which they famously made light of with the Fail Whale. Word has been that they started using Scala a while back, and it turns out they've been doing an intense study of methods to scale their service to handle the traffic volume they've been facing. A recent article on InfoQ went over some of the things they did, and surprisingly they did not use any Node.js software.