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Connect - middleware and web framework for Node.js

node-oauth - OAuth wrapper for node.js

Nodeload - highly flexible performance and load testing for Node.js

What might the excitement about Node.js be about? JavaScript on the server? Events? Or, what?

COMET as a justification for using Node.js?

Node.js: JavaScript on the Server - Ryan Dahl's original presentation at Google

The following is the original presentation by Ryan Dahl showing the ideas behind Node.js and some of the performance results which have wow'd people.

Introduction to node.js and JavaScript Services on webOS

The following is a presentation about the use of Node.js on WebOS devices (originally Palm, now HP). Node is meant for server side javascript, but WebOS is for client devices.

This session covers basics of JavaScript services, including service interfaces, service lifecycle and a basic service example. Advanced topics include debugging, application packaging, and more node.js topics such as web services and file I/O. Learn how and when services should be used with their application, how services are packaged and distributed, and how node.js runs on webOS.

Drupal + node.js module demo

Here's a little video demo'ing the Node.js integration module for Drupal. The module is for Drupal 7 only, and "It provides an API that other modules can use to add realtime capabilities to Drupal."

The demo shows triggers and actions which can distribute messages through a Node.js based service which pops up on all web browsers connected to a Drupal site. They indicate a future direction of implementing a chatroom on top of this.

Fargo: a Scheme for Node.js? Node.js supports only one language!

Is Node.js one of the most widely used scripting languages on the Internet? Really?

I can believe JavaScript is one of the most widely used scripting languages, but Node.js? Huh? But, over there on they have published two libraries implementing the API for PHP and Node.js, and claimed "These two libraries give you server-side access via the two most widely used scripting languages today."