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Is Node.js one of the most widely used scripting languages on the Internet? Really?

I can believe JavaScript is one of the most widely used scripting languages, but Node.js? Huh? But, over there on they have published two libraries implementing the API for PHP and Node.js, and claimed "These two libraries give you server-side access via the two most widely used scripting languages today."

Could Storify be implemented in Drupal?

I've been exploring Node.js recently (long story, which will see a book come out of it reasonably soon) and one site I've come across is Storify. It first caught my eye because it's supposedly implemented using Node.js, but once I got there some of the functionality really caught my eye. The site appears to still be in a private "beta" but they have some examples published that shows fantastic integration with social networking sites.

Javascript (specifically Node.JS) for server-side web application programming

Traditionally the server side of web applications has been written in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, C/C++, etc. Javascript traditionally was implemented only in web browsers, and hence Javascript programming has been almost completely focused on the client end of web application development. It's arguably better to have the same programming language on both client and server sides of web application development, maybe. Several attempts have been made to implement javascript for server side web application development. A new javascript stack, Node.JS, is getting a lot of attention.

NodeFly goal: better app performance monitoring for Node.js

The use of Node.js to build web applications is growing like gangbusters, so it's time it had a big-boy application performance monitoring tool. And that's what NodeFly Systems says it's bringing to the table. Node. js is a server-side, event-driven programming language popular among developers - especially JavaScript developers because it lets them use their existing skills to write server as well as client code.