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Potential for integrating Node.js with Drupal and speed up Drupal page processing

Besides some experience with Node.js enough to write the book linked in the side bar, I've also spent a lot of time building and configuring Drupal websites.  I've been pondering the possibilities for marrying Node with Drupal and have also seen a few projects spring up with that purpose.  However the core issue is that Drupal page processing is not an asynchronous process like Node's query handling, instead Drupal implements the typical synchronous start at the beginning and go to the end step by step model.

Battlestar Galactica and Portlandia? Huh? It's real, though

Some of us watched Battlestar Galactica a few too many times.  It was probably the sixth rewatch of the whole run that was too much, or maybe the tenth rewatch of Battlestar Galactica.  I'm not sure.  At the time it seemed like the right thing to do with my life to watch Battlestar Galactica over and over, because it was so well done, unlike the version that was aired in the 1970's.  Well, except for that last few episodes of the last season where the writers totally lost their way.

Simsimi: The Robot You Can Have a Real Conversation With Via Text

Simsimi, an app for Android and iPhone users, is taking the world by storm. 2.7 million people are already using it, and that numberis expected to grow over the next few months as word spreads about this innovative and entertaining app. Simsimi is a robot that has the ability to converse with users about a wide variety of topics. Simsimi also has the ability to learn from each and every user it converses with.

Successfully hosting Drupal on nginx on Dreamhost - a Dreamhost Drupal Hosting Adventure

Among the standard performance recommendations for Drupal is to switch to the nginx web server.  Because of nginx's design it's much more performant than Apache, supposedly.  I don't know enough myself about nginx to say why it's better, other than having an understanding that nginx has an event-oriented architecture that's cleaner than Apache's.

Not quite happy with The Wedding of Dr River Song (Doctor Who S06 E13)

The season 6 finale, the Wedding of River Song, was an amazing story but within five minutes of finishing the first watching I an anger over the episode erupted. I recorded some of that anger in audio feedback for The Doctor Who Podcast, hopefully they'll play it. Anyway... it was an excellent story with lots of depth, as we've come to expect from Stephen Moffatt, but there's a bit at the end that is just griping me out to no end.

The "childhood fears" and "parenting" theme in Matt Smith's (#11) Doctor Who

It's the morning after the showing of Season 6b episode 12, Closing Time, and for the fourth time this season we are shown a dad finding his fatherhood to be with his son.  Makes me long for a father who would have done that, but let's not take that detour.  Each of the three episodes would appear to be "standalone", as does Closing Time. At first glance they don't seem to be part of the overall season arc, but when there's four episodes with similar themes in the same season we have to pay attention and take a look.

Previously - On Doctor Who

Hilarious retrospective of the entirety of Doctor Who from 1963 up until late 2011 Matt Smith.

Doctor Who The Cast and Crew Discuss Let's Kill Hitler - official previews and trailers for Doctor Who season 6 part 2

The next season of Doctor Who is coming up - and the BBC has released this bit of a video to tease our appetite. The first half of season 6 left us with lots of questions.. like, why was that little girl regenerating? The trailers they released also leave lots of questions and tantalize with many new things. The entrance into Hitler's office is - well - fitting. It's clear the arc here is about The Doctor actually dying, or not. And clearly we're gonna see more of Eye Patch Lady, and somehow River Song has an Eye Patch at some time? Why would that be.

Review: Do Skype and SkypeWiFi mean the end of cell phone companies?