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Stonehenge Reloaded

How did they build Stonehenge or other monuments made from massive stone blocks? One man thinks he knows the answer.

The idea is simple leverage, it seems. This man is a retired construction worker who has worked out methods for moving very large and heavy objects with very simple techniques, and by himself. It's not mysterious at all.

Disabling the Dashboard on Mac OS X

With OS X 10.4 this nifty keano new feature came into being. The Dashboard. At the simple press of the F12 key you could have a secondary screen of little software applets jump up. At your beck and call is great power and flexibility, with simple-to-write applications offering untold flexibility to customize your computing experience.

Cool Tool: Programming the Universe

Cool Tool: Programming the Universe: This book hasn't been published yet, but it sounds like it's right up my alley. It's described as using quantum physics to look at the world as a "computer", and not just that the quantum world is doing calculations that cause our world to exist, but also that we can engage the world in that computation and reprogram the world. Holy co-creation batman!

Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista at Tauquil's Blog

Microsoft has a long history of copying ideas from elsewhere. I've been watching them for years, and have yet to see them come up with an inventive idea. Oh, wait, they have a visual effect for tooltips which has them "unfurl" from top-to-bottom, that's probably a true invention by Microsoft. Okay, they've had one minor original idea. In particular they seem fond of copying ideas from Apple -- in fact, its well understood that Windows was developed because Bill Gates saw the Mac and got scared and told his people he wanted something like that.

Testing for Lead in pottery glaze

It used to be common to use lead in pottery glaze. Pottery by itself is porous, so if the piece is meant to hold liquid then it needs to be glazed. Lead offers some advantages which the individual potter might like. But lead is also dangerous to ones health, and is especially a concern for children exposed to lead. The dangers come when you ingest lead into your body.

Re: A world of guinea pigs -- Medical experimentation on humans in India

In November I was traveling in India and came across this article in the local newspaper: A world of guinea pigs (Deccan Herald, November 11, 2005). The article starts with all the poor people in India who have a lot of diseases, and points to this as a "plus" to India. It means, the article explains, that the megalopolis drug companies are flocking to India to try their medicines on sick people.

Able Net Design Online Marketing: Creating Keyword Rich Pages

Here is a useful tutorial on Creating Keyword Rich Pages. What a keyword rich page does is to hopefully rank highly in search engine results for that keyword. Once you have a page that ranks highly for specific results, then it ought to draw visitors looking for information related to that word or phrase. Of course that's not the whole of the equation for gaining visitors.

Podjacking; podcasting and a microformat danger

Podcasting is an interesting phenomenon that has wideranging potential consequences. Podcasting allows for easy distribution of audio "shows" similar to radio programs. For that matter, many radio programs are currently available as podcast. A podcast is relatively simple application of the RSS feed, the podcaster merely makes an audio file be an attachment to an entry in their RSS feed. Voila, instant podcast.

Structured Blogging: Who is Benefitting and How?

"Structured Blogging" has been popping up on my web2.0 news feed the last couple days. I don't know how new this idea really is, but it seems like an overly hyped application of ideas that have already been floating around for years.

Let's look at a few articles to explore what these people mean by "structured blogging".

Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation

"Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation" -- hmm, at least that's what today's fortune cookie says. This connected with me and I want to write a little of how I take this statement.

The key is to consider what "discontent" really means. And not only what you mean, but what does one do when they're discontented?


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