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Drupal and clean URL's

What do I mean by "clean" URL's? The URL is of course the string appearing in the browser location bar, and means 'Universal Resource Locator'. Theoretically the URL is used by computer software and maybe it doesn't matter to the user what the URL contents are. However people do share URL's with each other, they read URL's over the phone, write them down on note paper, post them on billboards, etc. For those human uses it is helpful to make URL's useful to humans.

First impressions of Drupal 6

Drupal is moving forward, and the team is getting ready with Drupal 6. I'm doing a test installation and live-blogging what I see as I do it.

I first went into my web hosting control panel, and added a new mysql instance. Since the Drupal 6 beta 1 page says this beta version should not be used on production sites. We've resolved most errors reported so far, but there are outstanding known issues in bold letters, I'm not converting a production site (yet). Instead it's a test site on one of the "spare" (unused) domains I own.

Installation steps were:-