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#NodeSummit: Node.js and Windows Azure

They set up a Mac laptop to do demos of Node.js on Windows Azure. Hum. Curious. Anyway, Scott Guthrie at Microsoft.

Hosting platform? Global data center footprint, in San Antonio, Chicago, Dublin Ireland.

An SDK provided by Microsoft originally on Windows, but now on Mac.

Developing code is .. download the SDK, write some code, then a command line tool to deploy to their cloud. It can run within the Cloud9 IDE as well.

Cloud9 has a way to configure in deployment, with Windows Azure being one of the options. Now from Cloud9 IDE you can easily deploy into Azure just by clicking a button.

Completely automated bundling, network load balancers, and a bunch of other nice stuff.

Infinite scale? Mathematically that's incorrect ... infinite is bigger than any integer. Lets you scale up and down.. pay only for what you use.

Part of the service is failover to other machines on crashes. Can also automatically spin up new instances.

As a staging/production concept .. you can spin up multiple load balancers, each with their own set of machines. Use one set for staging, another for production.

Building block services like Storage, Messaging, Security, Identity, Caching, CDN, Networking.

>>> npm install azure

Can use it anywhere.

Apache2 License, multiple languages, contributions welcome.