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Resolving perplexing "the iPad could not be synced" problem - it could be real simple

Recently both my new iPad and iPhone4 stopped syncing with the iTunes on my Mac Mini.  Plug the device in to the computer, and a couple moments later this message pops up:  "the ipad could not be synced because the sync session failed to start".  I tried several things at random, nothing worked.  I yahoogled the phrase and found some complex discussion on the Apple Support discussion boards.  For example, this problem existed for Mac OS X 10.5b1.  In my case I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.3 and iTunes 10.6, so that wasn't the culprit.  Other suggestions talked about doing a hard reset on the device, or a restore of the device.  Someone talked of having gone to the Guru's at the Apple store, and not get any satisfaction.

My solution?  I didn't want to do anything drastic.

I quit iTunes .. then plugged the device into the Mac.  This restarted iTunes automatically, and then the sync started right up.

Whew, way simple.