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Updating custom Wordpress plugins made simple with WP Pusher


wordpress-logo-stacked-rgb.pngWhat if you've developed a custom Wordpress plugin which you don't want to submit to the team? The Wordpress dashboard makes it easy to administer plugins, receive notifications about plugin updates, and make those updates. It's just a few clicks of the mouse and the plugin is updated. But, if that plugin is not hosted on suddenly the administration process is much harder. You'd have to manually download the new version of the plugin, copy its files into your site, etc. That's a cumbersome and error-prone process.

What if there was a simpler way? What if the process could be similar to updating plugins from What if it could be automated so that the plugin update happens with zero effort on your part?

The solution is at

Unfortunately the WP Pusher plugin is not installed on, meaning you'll have to download and install the plugin from that site. Once WP Pusher is installed, any Git repository becomes a potential source for Wordpress plugins.

For example, I've developed two plugins that I'm proud of but which aren't (yet) ready for publishing on Previously I'd been manually setting up a Git connection between the repository and the website, and manually updating the code when needed. Now with WP Pusher, the plugin takes care of it all.

Go to the website above and see what to do.