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Monetizing your self-hosted wordpress blog with the Amazon Link plugin for Wordpress

The Amazon associate program is the grand-daddy of all affiliate programs.  That program began in the late 1990's (?1998?) with the idea that individual website owners could place links to products being sold by, and earn a sales commission.  Today there are thousands of online stores with their own affiliate programs perhaps hoping to replicate Amazon's success that's in part due to finding a way to incentivize zillions of individual website owners to promote as a place to buy stuff.

Is Amazon eating the lunch of book publishers?

The online retail giant, Amazon, isn't sitting still. Like the massive river basin the company is named after, the company is continually developing new product lines. Lately, with the Kindle marketplace, they are now eating into the business territory currently occupied by traditional publishing houses.

Interesting conversation on the future of publishing in by Mark Glaser, MediaShift on 5across

Printed books have been with us since the time of the Pharoah's, and our friend Gutenberg made it practical to publish printed books in large quantity.  Despite the coming of electrification of "media" printed books are still widely sold and used, and there are bookstore chains around the world still selling printed books.  But will this always be the case?

Blocking an undesired item while using the Amazon Store module for Drupal

The other day I was contacted by a lawyer about an improper use of their trademark. Unfortunately the improper use stemmed from a product listing controlled by the "Amazon Store" module, and is in data retrieved from using their affiliate product web services API. The "Amazon Store" module implements something like the "aStore" feature supported by, but hosted on a Drupal site. Because all the data comes direct from there is little control over how it is displayed.

How To Add A Successful Amazon Store To Your Blog

Looking at methods to embed Amazon's aStore service onto a web site. Out of the box aStore takes your visitors to an domain but that's not great because the visitors leave your website. It's better for sticktivity if nothing else if they were to remain on your domain. The method is essentially to use iFrame's.