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Building Web Sites

Able Net Design Online Marketing: Creating Keyword Rich Pages

Here is a useful tutorial on Creating Keyword Rich Pages. What a keyword rich page does is to hopefully rank highly in search engine results for that keyword. Once you have a page that ranks highly for specific results, then it ought to draw visitors looking for information related to that word or phrase. Of course that's not the whole of the equation for gaining visitors.

Podjacking; podcasting and a microformat danger

Podcasting is an interesting phenomenon that has wideranging potential consequences. Podcasting allows for easy distribution of audio "shows" similar to radio programs. For that matter, many radio programs are currently available as podcast. A podcast is relatively simple application of the RSS feed, the podcaster merely makes an audio file be an attachment to an entry in their RSS feed. Voila, instant podcast.

Structured Blogging: Who is Benefitting and How?

"Structured Blogging" has been popping up on my web2.0 news feed the last couple days. I don't know how new this idea really is, but it seems like an overly hyped application of ideas that have already been floating around for years.

Let's look at a few articles to explore what these people mean by "structured blogging".

What's the hoopla about Google over?

There's a growing blowback against Google, for some reason. More and more I'm seeing Google portrayed as the antichrist or something, and that they have some kind of arcane evil intent lurking behind the good-guy image of "do no evil" they portray.

The example in front of me is: It’s becoming a Google World - Eszter Hargittai which refers to Google World

Why is it hard to find a place to host Java based web applications?

I love Java. Lots. It's the neatest programming language I've used over the past 30 years, bar none.

However ...

You'll notice this web site is based on drupal. If I love Java so much, why don't I use a Java equivalent? And, as noted on these two blog postings, why are the PHP based web applications so much more popular than the Java equivalents?

Free tool for analyzing "deep linking" to a web site

Free Deep Link Analysis Tool

The methodology is to query with the Yahoo API for some values. They boil down to

  • Total links to site
  • Number of links to home page
  • Number of indexed pages on the site

From that they're able to tell how many of the total links to the site are "deep links", that is, links to the interior pages of the site.

Blogging for dollars?

J. Ryan, in Leading Internet marketing firm pays bloggers to shill, has discovered a new(-ish) way to artificially inflate search engine ratings through weblogs.

He noted a ad saying "Get paid for blogging… We will pay you to post to your blog." and decided to research it. This led him to the CEO of an Internet Marketing firm, and the offer that

Review: Weaving the Web

 The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide WebThis book is one mans opinion of the purpose of the Web and its future.

Microsoft's attempt to unseat Google's AdWords

Google has struck a home run with Adwords and Adsense, so much so that Adsense is now a cornerstone of many a business plan. It is certainly a cornerstone of MY business plan, and you can view examples of Adsense advertising on this very page. You can learn more about Adsense on my web site building and promotion site.