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Cell Phones

Here's a reason to not use Verizon for cell phones

The San Francisco Chronicle has an
interview with Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg.

The main purpose is so he can bash SF's plan to build a municipally owned WiFi network, thus harming the possibility of Verizon having customers for their own service. But along the way he decided to let loose with a few other zingers:

Cell phone radiation chart

Cell phones are great, no doubt about it. It's oh-so-very-convenient to carry one all the time, so much so that I do not have a regular phone line at home any longer, and use my cell phone as my sole-solitary phone.

At the same time there's this worry of damage due to the radiation. I've been seeing articles discussing DNA effects and more. So obviously it would help to keep the signal strength low on ones cell phone, to minimize whatever risk is there.