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Computer Repair

Replace MacBook Pro hard drive with SSD for higher speed, greater reliability, longer life

Regular hard drives have platters spinning at high speed, with your data recorded by magnetic changes in coatings on the platters. This technique worked well for us for many years, but was suboptimal. SSD drives are inevitably replacing traditional hard disks, because SSD drives are faster, more rugged, and in general offer tremendous advantages. The speed difference is night-and-day different, something I didn't appreciate until buying a Chromebook.

Memory replacement or upgrade on Unibody MacBook Pro's

Apple tends to charge a premium price for memory -- For example, the cost for 16GB of memory in the current model Retina MacBook Pro is $200 via Apple, but on you can buy equivalent (1866 DDR3 SODIMM's) memory for well under $100. Unfortunately for us the newer Apple hardware doesn't allow memory upgrades. Fortunately for us we're talking about the Unibody MacBook Pro's, which we can completely disassemble if we like. Upgrading or replacing the memory on these machines is one of the simplest tasks.

Save money and the planet, repair/upgrade your old MacBook Pro rather than tossing it to buy a new one

"They" (Apple, and other consumer electronics companies) want you to keep buying new stuff every year. They've designed the system to come out with better-faster gizmos every year to make you believe last years new hotness is this years has-been. It keeps their profit margins up, their wallets fat, so long as you keep buying new stuff. But does it serve you in any way to stay on that treadmill, chasing the latest hot gear? Do that and you're constantly shoveling money in the direction of computer companies.