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A simple method for using shared webhosting like Dreamhost to store git repositories

I wanted to set up some personal git repositories and don't want to pay the fee to or another service to host the repository.  Fortunately it's possible to set up a repository behind any SSH account, such as on my web hosting account.  I've just gone through setting up a git repository on my Dreamhost account, and it is pretty straight-forward, but the steps are different from what's shown at the GIT book on

Successfully hosting Drupal on nginx on Dreamhost - a Dreamhost Drupal Hosting Adventure

Among the standard performance recommendations for Drupal is to switch to the nginx web server.  Because of nginx's design it's much more performant than Apache, supposedly.  I don't know enough myself about nginx to say why it's better, other than having an understanding that nginx has an event-oriented architecture that's cleaner than Apache's.

Memory allocation peace of mind with running a Dreamhost VPS

One way to get better performance on Dreamhost is to use their VPS solution. VPS (or Virtual Private Server) is a hosting solution for higher performance website needs. What Dreamhost brings to the table is a semi-managed VPS solution rather than the raw Linux VPS solution offered by other hosting providers. That's one of the advantages of using Dreamhost, another is that they allow dynamically resizing the VPS memory allocation on the fly any time you want. And they offer an API so that software can change things such as memory allocation.

Use Munin to monitor a Dreamhost MySQL VPS

Earlier I showed how to set up Munin on Dreamhost to monitor their VPS service (see: Monitor Dreamhost VPS performance, load, etc with munin). Among the available Munin plugin's is one to monitor MySQL. Out of the box it monitors the MySQL on the localhost, but if you have a Dreamhost MySQL VPS it's on a remote host and there are a few special considerations to take care of. The reason for doing this is Munin's data capture is much more comprehensive than the resources page which Dreamhost gives us.

Setting up an HTTP-accessed Mercurial repository on shared web hosting (e.g. Dreamhost)

The goal of my previous two blog entries was to access my mercurial repository via http (to clone the repository) and via ssh (to commit changes into the repository). The next step in my journey was setting up the HTTP access.

Installing mercurial on a shared web-hosting account (such as Dreamhost)

I've got a Dreamhost account, they offer oodles of disk space, and I want to set up a mercurial repository. The problem is they don't install mercurial as a system-wide thingy. Further it appears python prefers to have all python extensions installed as system-wide thingies (I don't use python and don't know it's ins and outs and idioms). Since I don't know the python idioms that leaves me to go by the mercurial documentation.