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Drupal Taxonomy

Save your server! Detect taxonomy term loops in Drupal 6!

I dunno exactly how I did this, but the taxonomy hierarchy on one of my sites had a taxonomy loop. That server has been having periodic load overload that kills performance and eventually I realized an issue is this taxonomy loop. In taxonomy.module the function taxonomy_get_parents_all can get tripped up if your taxonomy hierarchy has a loop. I'd found one looped term by hand, and just wrote a little script to detect others.

Improving navigability of Drupal taxonomy hierarchies

Drupal's taxonomy system is wonderful in many regards, but it has major FAIL issues. One of those is the navigation of vocabulary term pages where the vocabulary has a hierarchy. By default the taxonomy system uses pages at "" to display teasers for nodes having the given term. Ideally these pages would enable browsing around in the hierarchy of terms in the given vocabulary, but that's not the case. Fortunately the fix is pretty simple though rather obscure.

The ideal in my mind is for the vocabulary term page to display these items:

    Advanced drupal 6.x hierarchical taxonomy list pages

    A good quality taxonomy listing page can act as a really good sitemap. Good sitemap pages are great for internal linking effects that helps visitors browse your site, and coincidentally aids in SEO. Most (?all?) nodes will have taxonomy terms attached to them. Hence it's a pretty good start to aid someone to browse your site. The problem is the core taxonomy module doesn't make good quality listing of taxonomy terms. For instance it ignores the term hierarchy, it doesn't display links to child term pages, etc.