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Google's new 2-step verification process, and using it with 3rd party applications (like MarsEdit)

Did you turn on 2-step verification recently in your gmail account, and then see MarsEdit stop working, and groan "NOW WHAT"?  That's what I did recently, and fortunately there is a simple way to get 2-step verification to work with applications.  The issue is that most (all?) applications do not know how to do the 2-step verification process and instead fail to log you in.  By "application" I mean a non-browser application, like MarsEdit or Picasa, or I suppose some websites that do authentication against your Google Account might also fail to work.

Google's "More wood behind fewer arrows" means well, but reminds me of Sun's marketing

Bill Coughran, SVP for Research and Systems Infrastructure at Google just posted a blog post, More Wood Behind Fewer Arrows, that announced they'd be shutting down "Google Labs". The announcement sounds like they're meaning to convey a focus on developing great services, but it really reminds me of the dead hardware maker Sun Microsystems.

Microsoft's attempt to unseat Google's AdWords

Google has struck a home run with Adwords and Adsense, so much so that Adsense is now a cornerstone of many a business plan. It is certainly a cornerstone of MY business plan, and you can view examples of Adsense advertising on this very page. You can learn more about Adsense on my web site building and promotion site.