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Google Reader

Why is Google canceling Google Reader? Was it due to the redesign that gutted features?

RSS ReaderIt is surprising when a company wants to kill a popular product, and Google Reader certainly is a popular product.  Lots of people are using it, and are rabid users of the service.  But as I noted earlier, Google is planning to kill Reader in July 2013, and my response is to collect some requirements and look for a

Google Reader being retired in July, despite millions of passionate users

RSS ReaderToday, Google announced that Google Reader was to be retired on July 1, 2013.  For me this is a difficult piece of news to receive, because I read the news using Google Reader, and I am constantly using that application to keep abreast of news.  Google Reader, coupled with Google Alerts, has been an excellent way to keep up with things.  With the combination, I've programmed a long list of news/blog searches into Aler

Stay sane while tracking news with google news and google reader

Let's face it - the modern world and gizmo gadgetry is wonderful. With it we can track news, communicate with buddies around the world, or play a mean game of Angry Birds. But it can also quickly turn into information overload. One of my favorite tools for tracking news is the Google Alerts service ( It tracks news and blog posts using their world famous search engine. I've been having it send me email alerts with the news items it finds, but that left me feeling buried by email information overload and I could never catch up.