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Toxins found in "cord blood" of newborn babies

Testing of blood taken from umbilical cords of newborn babies are showing the presence of many toxic chemicals.

However, as noted in the article, this isn't new. The ecologist Sandra Steingraber had dug up tons of research on this in her book Having Faith about her pregnancy. As an ecologist she decided to study her pregnancy and the womb as an ecosystem.

Testing for Lead in pottery glaze

It used to be common to use lead in pottery glaze. Pottery by itself is porous, so if the piece is meant to hold liquid then it needs to be glazed. Lead offers some advantages which the individual potter might like. But lead is also dangerous to ones health, and is especially a concern for children exposed to lead. The dangers come when you ingest lead into your body.

Re: A world of guinea pigs -- Medical experimentation on humans in India

In November I was traveling in India and came across this article in the local newspaper: A world of guinea pigs (Deccan Herald, November 11, 2005). The article starts with all the poor people in India who have a lot of diseases, and points to this as a "plus" to India. It means, the article explains, that the megalopolis drug companies are flocking to India to try their medicines on sick people.

Coffee and Tea can clean the liver

A few weeks ago a study was posted discussing how coffee has a high amount of anti-oxidants. Now there's a study showing how coffee and tea can clear toxins from the liver and drastically reduce the instance of chronic liver disease.

Study Suggests Caffeine Can Help Liver (Reuters, Monday, December 5, 2005; Page A06,

Preview: The Constant Gardener

The Constant Gardener is a movie I've not seen, but I've heard of. It concerns a diplomat whose wife begins exploring some research done by some drug companies in Africa. His wife ends up being killed mysteriously, and he goes on a quest to continue his wife's research. The research leads to a big story, one of drug companies using untested drugs in Africa and quietly burying their failures.

The above article discusses the movie in more detail.

The Buteyko method of breath retraining

The Buteyko Institute and its member practitioners are committed to advancing the management of asthma, sleep apnoea and other breathing related disorders through research, development, promotion and application of the Buteyko Institute Method.

That's a pretty interesting set of claims, especially to me who is a long time snorer.

Review: Snore Stopper

The Snore Stopper promises something wonderful. It promises to retrain a snorer to stop storing, and to do so without surgery, drugs, or prosthetics.

Monday morning stress

Since I made a post about 9AM on Monday morning being a frequent time to have heart attacks, I thought it would be good to double-check whether this is true.

Monday morning bad for your health (Thursday, February 3, 2005 Posted: 1735 GMT (0135 HKT) CNN.COM)

Why the pressurized work life?

The Little Book Of StressI wonder why work-life is so highly pressurized? What's the gain of driving people to sickness?