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Posting nicely formatted code snippets on blogger blogs, using <pre> and the SyntaxHighlighter javascript library

In the past I've done my blogging on Drupal and enjoyed the contributed modules for generating syntax highlighting on code snippets.  Now that I'm moving to Blogger one issue was how to best present code snippets on the blog.  After some searching I've found a suitable method using a browser-side JavaScript library (Syntax Highlighter), and customizing the blogger theme with a small bit of code.

Let's first start with the problem statement.

How To Add A Successful Amazon Store To Your Blog

Looking at methods to embed Amazon's aStore service onto a web site. Out of the box aStore takes your visitors to an domain but that's not great because the visitors leave your website. It's better for sticktivity if nothing else if they were to remain on your domain. The method is essentially to use iFrame's.

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