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On depositing a paper check, using an iPhone, to a virtual bank, over the Internet

We're entering a brave new world, and I just experienced a piece of that world.  It's this high tech nirvana thing that will supposedly be all wonderful and gooey.  For over 10 years I've been using a "virtual bank" as my primary bank, specifically ING Direct.  They offer excellent services and a high interest rate on all accounts.  One aspect of this bank is it has no branches, and does not own a network of ATM's.  That's more or less okay except for those times when someone does something as quaint as handing me a paper check.  Haven't they heard of paypal?

DropBox is an interesting solution to iPod/iPhone/Mac/etc file sharing

Searching for a solution to Apple's stupid iTunes policy on uploading files from iPod or iPhone or iPad brought me to DropBox. I've heard of various geeks saying they use this app and it's cool, so thought to give it a whirl. It's actually useful for the problem at hand, namely image and video sharing between my iPod Touch and my Mac laptop. It's not quite what is wanted, but it's pretty good nonetheless.

Accessing photos and videos stored in iPod Touch or iPhone from desktop computer

Just had a nice rant about Apple's stupid iTunes policy on uploading files from iPod or iPhone or iPad but I want to move on to some useful utilities I found while searching for a solution. There are solutions but I'd call them workarounds for Apple's intransigence in misdesigning the facilities in these devices.