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Quick look at image browsing alternatives for the Mac

Obviously iPhoto is the 800 pound gorilla when it comes to browsing and archiving images on the Mac.  iPhoto comes bundled with all Mac's and it's a decent enough application for most users.  But it's the be-all-end-all of image browsing applications so let's look at some alternatives.

Thoughts on "perfect" image browsing

In my previous blog entry I discussed a flaw with iPhoto.  Namely that iPhoto stores your pictures in a screwy library directory structure that basically entraps your pictures in their application.  So it's not permanently entrapped but it is enough of a problem that I spent awhile trying to think of what my ideal solution would be.

Fixing a fatal flaw in iPhoto

I've grown to dislike iPhoto for one feature.  Overall it's a really nice application with a lot going for it, useful features, the ability to create picture books and have them printed automagically, etc.  But the critical flaw is that your pictures have to be encased in its proprietary storage system.   On importing photos into iPhoto it makes a copy of each image file in its own directory hierarchy and any edits it does on the images are on that copy.  You are expected to delete your copy and only use the copy which iPhoto has.