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Java toolbar controversy ploy riding on back of Java security flaw drama

java-logo.jpgIn the wake of a major security flaw found in Java, a petition is circulating demanding that Oracle stop bundling a payola toolbar with the Java runtime. This practice was begun by Sun Microsystems, during the time period I was a Java SE team-member, and is being continued by Oracle. It is to bundle a toolbar, the "Ask Toolbar," with the Java download, such as what's available through the website. Sun, and now Oracle, earns a little bit of money per download.

Comparing Node.js modules to an idiom in writing Java classes

On waking up this morning an idea was in my mind of a way to explain Node.js module structure & use by way of an idiom in writing Java classes.  Okay, I see that most JavaScript programmers go "ugh" whenever they think of Java, but it's a language I spent over 10 years living with as a Sun employee in the Java SE team, and it's an eminently useful language for certain realms of work.  And in any case this particular Java class idiom will make an aspect or two of Node.js modules a little more obvious than they are.

Is Node.js the new Java? Not that Node is bloated, but that it reminds some of Java's original small runtime … before the bloat

This is a nicer question than the one the other day about Node as a cancer.  A blog post, NodeJS is the new Java, suggests something about the future and present of Node.  Namely that Node is still in the small-and-nimble phase we found attractive about Java in its early days, but will Node always remain small-and-nimble?