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Save money and the planet, repair/upgrade your old MacBook Pro rather than tossing it to buy a new one

"They" (Apple, and other consumer electronics companies) want you to keep buying new stuff every year. They've designed the system to come out with better-faster gizmos every year to make you believe last years new hotness is this years has-been. It keeps their profit margins up, their wallets fat, so long as you keep buying new stuff. But does it serve you in any way to stay on that treadmill, chasing the latest hot gear? Do that and you're constantly shoveling money in the direction of computer companies.

Why the new MacBook Pro is a better deal than the new MacBook Air

The sweeping updates of Mac hardware today just fell in our laps, and I'm looking at the options now available, not that I have the funds to make an upgrade.  My two-year old 13" MacBook Pro is fine enough to be good enough for another year or two, thank you very much.  But that didn't stop me from looking in the Apple Store, comparing between the MacBook Pro's and the MacBook Air's.  The advances are terrific, and the addition of USB3 and Thunderbolt could make high powered accessories available to laptops.

Solving the "Save As.." WTF in Mac OS X Lion - why'd they kill Save As?

Mac OSX Lion has arrived and I eventually got around to installing it yesterday.  It seems to contain some goodness, along a few things that make me go "goodness gracious".  Well, the words I'm using aren't always so kind as "goodness gracious" but this is a family oriented blog, so we'll not write the words I actually am saying sometimes.  One issue is that Preview is crashing (often) while performing some simple tasks (resizing an image) that I haven't found a cure for.

Using MAMP for local Drupal development on a Mac

MAMP makes it pretty darn simple to do web development on a Mac. While Mac OS X comes bundled with Apache and PHP, MAMP bundles together the latest versions of both along with MySQL. It "installs a local server environment in a matter of seconds on your Mac OS X computer" and is completely self-contained. You can run MAMP alongside the Apache that's built-in to Mac OS X, you can remove MAMP at any time, etc. It's very convenient and flexible.