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Save money and the planet, repair/upgrade your old MacBook Pro rather than tossing it to buy a new one

"They" (Apple, and other consumer electronics companies) want you to keep buying new stuff every year. They've designed the system to come out with better-faster gizmos every year to make you believe last years new hotness is this years has-been. It keeps their profit margins up, their wallets fat, so long as you keep buying new stuff. But does it serve you in any way to stay on that treadmill, chasing the latest hot gear? Do that and you're constantly shoveling money in the direction of computer companies.

Disabling the Dashboard on Mac OS X

With OS X 10.4 this nifty keano new feature came into being. The Dashboard. At the simple press of the F12 key you could have a secondary screen of little software applets jump up. At your beck and call is great power and flexibility, with simple-to-write applications offering untold flexibility to customize your computing experience.

Re-Introducing the Real Windows Vista at Tauquil's Blog

Microsoft has a long history of copying ideas from elsewhere. I've been watching them for years, and have yet to see them come up with an inventive idea. Oh, wait, they have a visual effect for tooltips which has them "unfurl" from top-to-bottom, that's probably a true invention by Microsoft. Okay, they've had one minor original idea. In particular they seem fond of copying ideas from Apple -- in fact, its well understood that Windows was developed because Bill Gates saw the Mac and got scared and told his people he wanted something like that.

One reason to ditch the PC

A long time ago I had a dozen PC's running various of the x86 operating systems, including Windows, FreeBSD, Solaris and Linux. A dozen computers all at once. Yup, I was real hardcore.

Why? I don't really remember, but I learned one important thing. The typical PC hardware sucks big time.

Apple and the switch to Intel based Mac's

Over the summer hell froze over, but we didn't notice it. First Apple announced they would switch to the Intel processor line for their future computers. Second they announced a mouse with multiple buttons. I swear, the world didn't collapse, though the seriousness of hurricane season this year may make one step back and ponder a bit.

Anyway ...

Windoze is still stupid

I 'inherited' a Sony Viao laptop computer from a coworker who left for greener pastures. At my job (Sun Microsystems) we use a lot of Windows machines. Yes, we really do, and don't be so surprised. That's partly because I work in the team that makes Java, and since we don't get any cooperation from Microsoft in having Java on Windows, we have to do it ourselves. So, in any case, I have this Windows laptop and I thought it would be a good opportunity to give Windows another shot. Especially since I'd been hearing good things about Windows XP (which is on the computer).

I never thought I would be a mac user

I used to make fun of the Mac, calling it mickeytosh, and deriding the bad design for the OS. See, I'm a hardcore Unix bigot and I truly demand stability from my computing environment, and the old-style Mac OS (OS 9 and before) just was incapable of doing it. The incapability is based in the design, as there was no barrier between applications and the lack of proper multitasking.

But here I am, now into my fourth year of using Mac. I am dearly happy with this computer and having switched.