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Unlimted Disk, Transfer and Domains!

MacOS X setup

Install MacOS on a new drive, using Migration Assistant to transfer user data from an older machine

After installing an SSD drive in your MacBook Pro, you need to install Mac OS X to the new drive and copy over your files from the old drive. That's what we'll be doing on this page. The process is relatively straightforward especially given the Migration Assistant that Apple built into the OS X installer.

Prior to following the instructions on this page you must have have:

Create a bootable Mac OS X installer thumb drive

Converting your MacBook Pro to use an SSD drive is a great way to speed up the computer, and extend its useful life for a few more years. It's fairly easy to swap the drive, and afterward to install Mac OS X on the drive, then use Migration Assistant to move data from the old drive to the new. However, that presupposes a step, namely setting up a Mac OS X installer so you can install OS X on the new drive.

Save money and the planet, repair/upgrade your old MacBook Pro rather than tossing it to buy a new one

"They" (Apple, and other consumer electronics companies) want you to keep buying new stuff every year. They've designed the system to come out with better-faster gizmos every year to make you believe last years new hotness is this years has-been. It keeps their profit margins up, their wallets fat, so long as you keep buying new stuff. But does it serve you in any way to stay on that treadmill, chasing the latest hot gear? Do that and you're constantly shoveling money in the direction of computer companies.