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Make money with a web site

Making money through Facebook pages, Facebook advertising, and promoting content through Facebook

Since Facebook is the largest of the "Social Media" websites - with over a billion user accounts - those of us who want to make money by spreading information to others must understand how to effectively reach into Facebook to reach an audience. There are many potential outcomes we wish to achieve by publishing information. It may be to convince others of a certain cause, for example, but no matter what you're doing it's necessary to have an income to support your livelihood.

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising with Adsense or alternatives like Chitika or Clicksor

PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is relatively simple, and is what's driven Google to the heights of corporate power it occupies. The Adsense advertising network runs not just on Google's own web properties, but on zillions of websites around the world. I've been using Adsense since the late 90's and at times it paid out very well indeed.

Successful bloggers fill the Internet with valuable information desired by their audience

Pondering the "get rich quick by blogging" type book I just reviewed, I came up with this thought - Those of us who make a living "online" are earning our living by filling the Internet with more content.

Disclosure of blog or forum sponsorship - the quest for transparency

I run several blogs and a forum, and have been taking sponsorship for a long time. Blogging is a time consuming thing and it's therefore necessary to seek income to support one in doing this. But as in all things when a company dangles money in front of you there is the possibility of enticement to sell your soul for filthy lucre. In other words it's plausible that taking advertising on a website will subvert the message of that website to suit the advertising.

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