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Setting up an HTTP-accessed Mercurial repository on shared web hosting (e.g. Dreamhost)

The goal of my previous two blog entries was to access my mercurial repository via http (to clone the repository) and via ssh (to commit changes into the repository). The next step in my journey was setting up the HTTP access.

Installing mercurial on a shared web-hosting account (such as Dreamhost)

I've got a Dreamhost account, they offer oodles of disk space, and I want to set up a mercurial repository. The problem is they don't install mercurial as a system-wide thingy. Further it appears python prefers to have all python extensions installed as system-wide thingies (I don't use python and don't know it's ins and outs and idioms). Since I don't know the python idioms that leaves me to go by the mercurial documentation.