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Online Community

Do 3rd party commenting systems (Disqus et al) support my community, or theirs?

It used to be that Web 2.0 was the cool new thing, and a core feature was that the audience could leave comments on websites. It's common nowadays for websites to support comments, and comment areas have become (in some cases) a war zone full of partisan bickering. It was ground-breaking the 10ish or so years ago that websites began to support 3rd party comments. Really.

Better comment support with the disqus service & drupal module.. maybe

Disqus is an interesting service that fills a very web-2.0-style role. There's a zillion sites out there which support the users leaving comments. The web 2.0 model has community involvement front and center, contrasting with the old model of businesses pushing content or services or products at you. But the problem with this is having to register with each and every website on which you want to leave comments.. and further site administrators dealing with comment spam and desiring a better solution.

The Communications Decency Act, and web site operators immunity for their users writings

Is an operator of a message board on the Internet liable for whatever the users of said message board say? What if you run a message board, and someone registers on the site and begins posting horrible statements about someone else. What liability does the message board operator have? What responsibility do they have?

Worst Case Scenarios in Online Community

What a way to start the day, with a good gripe session about the troubles with managing a community. It was most amazing hearing stories of flare-up's in other online communities.. it helped me remember, hey, the flare-ups which have occurred in the communities I manage are not unique. Of course I knew that, I've been involved with online community since the 1980's, but somehow I forgot that and part of my mind believed our problems were unique.

Online Community UnConference 2008, Mountain View

Today I'm in at a conference, an unconference that is, about "Online Community". For years I've had this idea of using online community as a means of social change, that by helping people connect on a given topic they can use an online community forum to discuss that topic, resolve problems, help each other learn the topic, etc. An online community focused on a specific topic can focus attention on that topic.

Webmaster not liable for editing and posting remarks

A description of a key case in running online community forums

Cyber Law Times

News worldwide related to "cyber law"


An excellent paper giving a summary of legal issues related to online community.

Building an Online Community: Just Add Water

An old article (2001) about online community